Monday, September 7, 2015


You stick with your dog no matter what, don't you? You're as devoted as he is. Together through and through, in sickness and health, with good behavior and bad. You're the best!

We're so lucky nowadays to have so many rescue groups saving dogs' lives and finding them homes when they need them. The flip side just might be, though, that bad humans give up on their dogs more easily because they know those rescue groups are around to take care of their dog if they surrender. Most difficulties with dogs can be fixed, yet people can let behaviors go on for years until they just don't want to deal with their dog anymore.

A great little dog I know is still not remotely housebroken after more than two years. There are no medical issues, no issues of any kind except that no family member will accept responsibility for the poor dog. There's a yard! Easy! But they don't care enough to make a schedule of letting out the dog--though Mom is retired and home most of the time. This is the kind of dog who, without successful intervention, will end up at a rescue or shelter someday but probably not for a few years, when he's not as easily adoptable. Hopefully he'll find better humans who will step up and do right by him.

Yes, there may be reasons that dogs must be rehomed, but one of those chief reasons should not be because their humans fail them, especially for simple issues. So many great dogs are really underappreciated.

So thank you for being always being as loyal to your dog as she is to you. She absolutely deserves it and you will never be sorry.