Saturday, August 28, 2010

No Unwanted Puppies

Guess who's having PUPPIES? The Chihuahua from across the hall! Not the hysterical one--but he's the dad.

How is it possible that people are SO irresponsible? I'm flabbergasted. "I thought I had them separated, but he got to her," I was told. There are enough Chihuahua puppies in Southern California, believe me. The last thing we need is unintentional litters.

Supposedly Lucy will be spayed after this. That's something.

And the noisy dog/father is living somewhere else now. Probably still barking.

People make me sad sometimes. They often don't appreciate the phenomenal beings that are DOGS. We're lucky dogs put up with us.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun

Is your dog having fun? Really, that's his goal in life. We should all be more like our dogs, right?

We get so busy that it's easy to take our well-behaved dogs a little for granted. Liven things up! Teach a new trick, throw a new toy, go for a new hike! Thought someday you might check out agility or flyball or another dog sport? What are you waiting for? Take your dog on vacation! There's nothing that my dog Tucker loves more than entering a new hotel room, even at age 15. Hysterical!

Mix it up: on your next walk, try running over to something you spot you know your dog will find interesting. "Oh, Tommy! Look at this! What is this? An old sneaker by the curb? Cool, right? Good smells, right?" Be interesting! A fascinating human will always have a dog come when called!

During commercial breaks you can teach new words! "Look, Tucker! Ball, duck, ball. Where's the ball, Tucker?" Your dog can learn hundreds of words; are you doing your part?

That furry ball of love is a practically infinite computer! Let's help our dogs live life to the fullest! You'll have fun, too.