Tuesday, February 15, 2011

They Are What They Eat

We know we are what we eat, but not every human worries much over what her dog eats. Good nutrition obviously may prevent health issues, but have you thought about good food affecting a dog’s behavior, too?

If you’re picking up your dog’s food in a supermarket, there’s a good chance it’s giving you the kind of results that giving your five-year-old child sugar for dinner would give. I’m surprised that clients spend money on a dog trainer but buy their dog twenty pounds of food for ten dollars, literally. If you haven’t thought much about what your dog eats, you most likely need to change his diet. Talk to your vet today! There are so many fantastic foods on the market now! You can actually feed kibble that contains chicken, vegetables, and whole grains! No more “by-products” or even “chicken meal.”

And while we’re talking food, isn’t it time to stop feeding from the dinner table? Treats are okay, especially treats like carrots and apples, but how about asking Sammy to do something for his treat first? “Come” for that cube of liver! “Down” for that biscuit! You earn your paycheck and he might as well, too.

Your dog’s good nutrition is worth a little extra money, so don’t scrimp. Don’t buy a two-star food when you can purchase a four-star meal! Sammy deserves it.