Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Basic Five

Most people call in a professional dog trainer when there is a problem. "My dog is peeing all over the house." "I think my dog has separation anxiety." "My dog is chewing up my house." "My puppy hates our cat." Great! Let's fix problem behaviors. Did you know trainers also know how to train?

So many people have dogs literally for years and don't even train it to sit! Truly. Or "He comes sometimes, if he feels like it." So many people just don't seem to care if their dogs know even what I call The Basic Five: sit, down, come, stay, and walk nicely on a leash. How can you have a dog in your life and not train it to do anything? Maybe a turtle is a better pet, then! What a waste of a fabulous animal who can learn more than 200 words!

The Basic Five can actually help with those problem behaviors, too. Dogs with tired brains tend to chew less, have less anxiety, and chase the cat less often--or at least you can say, "Come!" when the puppy starts to chase the cat.

Of course there are also "leave it" and "place" and "kennel" and a hundred other useful cues your pup can learn. Not to mention lots and lots of party tricks, like "high-five" and "spin left" and "spin right." So very many ideas!

Dog won't come when he's called? Call me! Let's make your life easier.