Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cats and Dogs

Just a reminder to keep your cats' nails short! You never know what might happen and it's better to be prepared.

We have three cats, but only one has any sort of aggressive moments. Baxter grew up in the Bronx and was found living under a car, so we excuse his rough side. Mostly he's great.

BUT I asked him to move so I could make the bed finally (it was 4:30, after all!). He meowled his displeasure--which was enough to make Tommy the Chihuahua go on alert in my defense--which was enough to make Baxter jump off the bed--which made Tommy corner him--which led me to break up a fight.

It's all Baxter's fault; he's much tougher (and TWICE the size of Tom!), but I'm the only one of the three with bite and scratch marks. I guess that means I did my job as a fur parent. Otherwise everyone always gets along.

I had JUST cut most of Baxter's claws, too--but not all. Not all.

Knock on wood, I've never been bitten but a dog, but you sure don't want to be bitten by a cat, either!