Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dogs Aren't Complicated Until We Mess Them Up

Yikes. I have to bring my watch to get fixed. I had no idea I'd spent almost two hours at my new client consultation today. I sure don't mind--but these people probably have other things to do with their Sunday! I do love talking Dog. It's by far my favorite subject.

There's so much to say--yet how complicated are dogs? They're straightforward, sensible creatures with good senses of logic and rewards. Short handbooks have been written on basic canine care and training--and volumes and volumes have been written on correcting all the mistakes we humans make with dogs.

Don't get me wrong: today's dog is only ten months old and is fabulous. His guardians are doing great with him and he has no behavioral issues. Lovely! He's just learning what's proper and what's not proper in his house to chew.

Imagine how much we could have talked about if the dog was having real problems. :-)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Variety is the Spice!

What a great month training! A little of everything: evaluating an aggressive dog, working regularly with a year-old adolescent on manners, helping a new boy get to know his new home with another dog, teaching two sister dogs how to walk nicely, and welcoming a new fourteen-week-old pup into his world…. All adorable and with dedicated guardians! What a terrific life! Lucky me!