Saturday, June 14, 2014


If you a procrastinator, please raise your hand! Every one of us procrastinates about something--or several things. I am the first to raise my hand to say I procrastinate with my own dogs sometimes.

But humans live for years with behaviors from their dogs that are often very easy to change. The longer they wait to call in a trainer, often the harder it is to extinguish the behavior. In the meantime, both the people and the dog are unhappy. "I wish my dog would tell me when she needs to go out." We can train that so quickly! "I have to lift my dog to get him into the car every time." Fixed in one lesson. "I can't get my dog to come when I call him." Probably the most important cue for a dog to have! That needs to be addressed immediately.

People finally book an appointment with a trainer. She comes to the house and learns a lot about their life and their dog--and the clients learn a lot about their life and their dog. The people have new tools to try--but the dog has probably not made a permanent change in one lesson. Follow-up appointments are necessary! And right away. Not a month later when things fall apart again. And you may have your car's oil changed, but you can't ride around for months before getting the brakes done, too.

Trainers complain again and again that dog guardians don't show enough compliance. That means working with the dog between appointments as prescribed and booking the next appointment no later than a week from the last.

Everyone is busy, of course. But don't put your dog at the bottom of the list. C'mon, Dori, let's go proof those stays more!