Thursday, December 14, 2017

Random News for Some

-Not every human can make kissy sounds.

-Panda's peeing under a balcony decreases her popularity with neighbors.

-Choosing when and where your dog pees on a walk means you can pause in the shade.

-Moving your dog off the sidewalk is nice for pedestrians passing--not everyone wants your dog jumping up.

-Peeing on walls is nasty--and planters and landscaping and garbage pails. Making dogs wanted in neighborhoods is a good goal for all of us, so peeing on the grass closer to the street instead of lawns is a help.

-Cursing at bike riders flying down the sidewalk toward my dogs does no good; they probably don't even hear me. Even though bicycles are vehicles and we legally have the right of way.

-Shouting at your dog to stop barking only adds to the noise.

-Looking behind you lets you know when a driver is going to run down your dogs when you're crossing the street.

-Having treats at the ready reinforces good behavior right away. On the fireplace mantle. In a pouch on walks. Every time you go out during housebreaking.

-Asking your dog to Come out of a Stay decreases the success of both when she's just learning.

-If your dog chews/pees/barks while you are home with him, you're not paying attention so it's your fault.

-Some of the best dogs in the world have had no training whatsoever. Lucky humans!