Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hooray for guardians who keep their dogs' info up to date!!! I am a magnet for lost dogs--well, I smell like liver and cheese, after all. Today's pure white husky found me while I was training a dog in Griffith Park; I think he came over to see the sweet dog I was with more than to investigate my cheddar. Turns out he'd walked over night from Santa Monica! Easily 15 miles! Crazy, roaming huskies!

He has a great mom who'd given him a gorgeous collar with an up-to-date tag: easily traceable through Animal Services, especially when Mom keeps her contact information current.

Do you know what most people forget to do after they adopt a new pet? RE-register their micro-chip information. Do you know how many dogs I've found whose microchip info still lists their address in a state in the Midwest? If you move, you have to tell the microchip company and your old vet!

Christian was lucky his mom is organized. Now we have to teach him to stay HOME!