Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why Dogs Are Like Potato Chips

“My dog still has lots of energy after a three-mile hike.”
Have you thought of getting him a dog to wear him out?

“My dog tries to chase me around the house.”
Another dog will play with him in ways you’d never dream of doing.

“My dog looks at me sometimes like I speak martian.”
To him you almost do. Wouldn’t it be nice to have another dog for him to talk to in his own language?

“My dog lunges and wants to play with every dog we see.”
Having another dog at home will give him a doggie fix.

“My dog seems so happy with us. I can’t get enough of her.”
You might have another dog move in with you and share the love—and such a great life.

The ASPCA says that in 2008 63 percent of homes with dogs have one and just 25 percent have two.

Having a second dog is usually not much more work—and it can even be less! Once you already have one pet to care for, what’s one more? There are so many great dogs out there who need us….

Coming soon: How can we prevent dog bites?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Leash Laws!

Really? So many people let their dogs run around (literally) without not only a leash attached but no collar! What are you thinking, people? I live four doors in from a very busy street in Los Angeles, and drivers also fly down my side street to avoid traffic. It is more trouble not to use a leash. “Come, Cuddles! Come! Cuddles? Cuddles?” Your dog is so trained and so under control you can let her run from yard to yard (leaving behind presents)?

Dogs need to be leashed: for their own safety, for the safety of the people around them, for the safety of the dogs on leash who feel threatened by crazy, yapping, running dogs, and to avoid being LOST. At least put on a collar! And your dog had better be microchipped.

Had to get that off my chest. I send treats to all you GREAT dog guardians who keep your dogs beside you at all times!